About Us

At Blossom Coffee Roasters, we strive to roast carefully-sourced beans to perfection, so that you can experience unique coffee flavors from the best farms across the world.

All of our beans are skillfully roasted on a vintage German Probat UG-15 drum roaster, in batches no larger than twenty-five pounds. 

Probat UG-15

Our coffees are selected for their origin-specific characteristics and then carefully roasted to enhance and protect those unique flavors. We specialize in light to medium-light roasts that preserve the integrity and quality of the beans we source, bringing you a cup whose flavors reflect every step of its development journey. 


We are certified organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture and have multiple delicious, organic coffees available at all times. 


USDA Certified Organic

Our small team works hard to deliver and ship coffee five days a week to ensure that our customers receive the freshest coffee possible.


Blossom Team


If you have any questions about your order, please reach out to us at orders@blossomcoffeeroasters.com

Thank You for choosing Blossom!

Blossom Bee