Colombia Mistico

The traditional light and fruity terroir of Colombian coffee is taken to new heights with the long-fermentation process employed by the expert farmers in Huila, Colombia. This one will go fast, so don't miss out!

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Ecuador Chirimoya

“Chirimoya” is the title for this washed, Ecuadorian small-farm blend, in honor of the native and uniquely delicious fruit widely grown and consumed across the Andes. This coffee is vibrant and sweet with notes of tamarind, brown sugar and melon.

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the Single-Origin Sampler Box

Includes 6 samples of our current favorite single-origin coffees. You will receive coffees from East Africa, Central America, Indonesia and more. Hone your palate at home by cupping your samples side-by-side, or add variety to your morning routine with a new coffee to try every day!

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Subscription Coffee

Can't choose just one? Try a Blossom Coffee subscription for fresh-roasted coffee delivered to your doorstep.

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