Honduras - Ocotepeque - Natural - Organic

Honduras - Ocotepeque - Natural - Organic



from Ocotepeque, Honduras


This new coffee from Honduras is from the CAFESMO Coop whos slogan is "diversity and quality", which, according to their founder, Hidardo Hernández, should apply to a coop's people and daily life as much as it should apply to its product. CAFESMO's 280 farmer associates grew up, like Hidardo, in Ocotepeque, and have a vested interest in the continuation of coffee farming as a sustainable family business in every way possible. Farms among associates range from below 1000 meters to above 1900 meters in altitude and from 2-12 hectares in size, and often grow different blends of plantains, mangos, citrus, avocado, corn, beans, chiles, carrots, and more. The result of such diverse membership is a long, gradual harvest season, months longer than the average cooperative.  

To CAFESMO, certifications are a mandatory minimum for business conduct: being a Fair Trade member guarantees accountability for labor conditions and governance, and organic certification helps them guide their growers with healthier standards for the land. In addition, CAFESMO actively helps convert growers’ land to agroforestry each year, and recently became the first Honduran member of the ACORN carbon rights program—which allows them to sell their sequestered carbon as an offset credit to other companies worldwide.

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