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Nectar - Organic

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The Nectar is our take on a contemporary interpretation of the versatility of house espresso offerings for everyday enjoyment. That enjoyment can be had either within milk-based beverages or as a stand alone espresso, either way it will be sweet, medium bodied, with a deep fruity backbone. The Nectar will also consist of fresh harvest coffees, this means we will be changing up its components quarterly to maintain its versatility, freshness, and high quality! 

This particular iteration of our Nectar is a blend of a honey processed Honduras lot that makes up 60% and then the other 40% is our Natural Ethiopia Ardi. The Honduras adds a silky, sweet body while the Ardi adds rich fruitiness, texture, and a berry-like acidity underneath the body. 

***You may be wondering where we got the name Nectar. I wish we could say we came up with it, but really we owe that all to a special account of ours in Southern California, JOi Cafe. We have been working hands on with them for awhile now and the Nectar started as a collaboration for their house espresso unique to them. Needless to say, we fell in love with it also, obviously, so with their help we can now bring everyone the Nectar and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we and they do!