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Kenya - Muiri Estates AA - Double Washed (Organic)

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I would bet, with about a 90% chance of success, that when you ask a coffee roaster what their favorite coffee-growing country is, they’ll tell you either Ethiopia or Kenya. Luckily for you, coffee roaster, both are back in town. In addition to our recent slew of fresh crop Ethiopian harvests we also got our hands on this stellar, certified organic Kenyan coffee from Muiri Estate.

It’s super rare to find organic coffees in Kenya, so this rare gem not only checks the box of being delicious, but also of being certified. Muiri Estate is in Kiambu, just north of Nairobi but a little south of the more frequently seen specialty producing regions of Nyeri, Kirinyaga, and Embu.

We were super happy to taste this timely Kenya arrival, and pleased as punch to find it well balanced, notes of orange juice and cranberry in the acidity, but without being overwhelming. Our quality team also noticed some currant, black tea and dried date, as well as plum and white grape. A clean and lovely delivery from Kenya, and one you’re sure to enjoy.