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Ethiopia - Naga Singage - Natural

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This naturally processed coffee was produced by the Naga Singage Adorsi Washing Station in Aricha, Yirgacheffe and was grown between 1950 and 2150 meters above sea level. The Naga is a very clean, sweet, fruity, and floral coffee that normally has a fruit punch quality and tropical profile that we rarely find in naturally processed Yirgacheffe coffee's before. That alone made this coffee a must-have for us.

This lot was created from 1000 farmers contributing coffees to the Naga Singage washing station, which is managed by Testi Coffee. The Gersi smallholders harvest the Naga Singage coffee between October and January. While picking, they have a clear view of the ‘mountain of reconciliation’. Once picked and collected, the Gersi deliver cherries to the Aricha washing station, found in the neighboring kebele, Aricha. 

We love this coffee and are excited to start building a relationship with Trabocca to continue bringing in gems like Naga Signage. You will not be disappointed in this coffee if you are looking for something that errs on the side of a washed profile in terms of acidity and flavors, but has the sweetness and body that you get with naturals!