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Decaf Colombia - Los Idolos - Sugarcane Decaffeination

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Around 1.000 B.C. a pre-Colombian civilization known as San Agustín flourished next to the mountains where the Magdalena River comes to life. The civilization disappeared mysteriously before the arrival of the Spanish Conquerors. Little is known as to exactly what happened and the only thing that was left behind were the burial sites. These sites were discovered in 1960 by explorers and the archaeological park “El Alto de Los Idolos”, the home to these burial sites, was founded.

The coffee growers from this region initially got together to share ideas and form groups to facilitate the sale of their coffees. The group has always been quality focused and members currently working on standardizing practices, improving their beneficio processes as well as their drying patios. They have managed to significantly increase the quality of their coffee over time.

We elected to buy this special lot from our improrter friends Caravela Imports. The Los Idolos on the table presented itself as a coffee with medium to high acidity that fills your mouth with a delightful prune and milk chocolate-like sweetness, with lots of subtle orange notes, and a malty almost vanilla like refreshing aftertaste – truly, a very special coffee.