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Colombia - Los Rosales - Community Lot

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Los Rosales is a Colombian specialty coffee grown in the department of Nariño. This region is located near the Pacific Ocean, which produces an enormous impact on the climate. The region has cool nights due to the wind cooling over the ocean and coming into the mainland, and yet it has warm days due to its higher altitude and proximity to the daily sun. Why is this important? Well this kind of climate slows down the coffee cherries ripening process, in effect producing a more distinct sweetness and complexity to the coffee’s profile. Aside from the climatic impact on the coffee there are surrounding environmental impacts as well.

For the name of the coffee “Los Rosales” comes from the beautiful roses that are grown on the farms in this region. This infuses the area with sweet heady scents, and it is believed this is where the delicate floral notes of which can be found in many of the coffees come from. 

Nariño, especially the municipalities of Buesaco and Tablón de Goméz, are known for the great specialty coffee that they produce. Lucky for us, our importer friends at Caravela Coffee have been present in this region since 2015. They are dedicated to on-site and in person relationships with producers. This amounts to them having cupping labs and warehouses in the region where they receive and analyze all the coffees delivered. From here they also separate it by quality grade and provide immediate feedback to farmers. This coffee we have here is a community lot they compiled of a few producers that produced coffees with an accumulative Q Score of 85+. 

We not only fell in love with this coffee's story but also with how Caravela has helped cultivate relationships and high quality offerings with the producers. We hope you enjoy as well!