The Ardi Subscription
The Ardi Subscription

The Ardi Subscription

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Our Ethiopia Ardi comes to us from a group of farmers in the Sidama region. By rotating through several farms and thoughtfully processing each batch with the same, natural method, they are able to produce a delicious, consistently fruit-forward coffee year-round. Ardi has become one of our most popular Single-Origin coffees because of its natural sweetness, it makes a delicious introduction to sweet, floral, light-roasted naturals.

We taste black cherries and grapes, with an apple and red grape-like acidity. A delicious and familiar representation of floral Ethiopian coffee. 

Choose the size of your subscription based on how much coffee you typically use to make sure you always have a fresh, new bag of Ardi. We always recommend a smaller subscription more often for the freshest coffee experience. 

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